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Bobcat video

This is the best ever footage I’ve been able to get of a bobcat on a trail camera:


The last time I got video of a bobcat, it was on the Primos Workhorse, and that thing made so much noise and made too much of a show with its red lights for the cat to stick around.

But with a quieter, less ostentatious camera, I was able to get some decent video of a bobcat coming into some chicken livers in a ditch, including a closeup at the end.

This one has a very lionesque profile.

The are really beautiful animals. I’m amazed that the camera was able to pick up the spots on its legs. Our bobcats aren’t as heavily spotted as those in Western states. Ours actually turn mostly gray as winter approaches, then turn tawny again in the summer, just like white-tailed deer.

I’ve been wanting to get a video like this for a long time. I’m glad I did the camera upgrade!

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Bobcat poo turns chalky white when it gets old. There is a lot of calcium carbonate in the feces, which means they turn chalky when left exposed for a few days.


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