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But here’s a suggestion:


Make sure you vote today, if you haven’t already!

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“I’ve had German Shepherds since I was a kid and I’ve actually trained them and shown them in the past,” Biden said. “So I wanted a German Shepherd and we’re going to get a pound dog, which my wife wants, that is hopefully a Golden.” Source: Huffington Post.

I had no idea Biden was such a dog person.

He got in trouble with PETA and a few other groups for purchasing a dog from a breeder who, according to some sources, was banned from registering litters.

At least Obama’s rescuing a dog, but his daughters want a goldendoodle. I’m sure there is a goldendoodle somewhere that needs a good home.

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Here’s some shameless (I mean shameless) politics. I know I’ll lose some conservatives out there, but oh well.

This video is of Friday’s debate between McCain and Obama with video evidence to back up Obama’s assertions.  This was my grandfather’s favorite part of the debate.


Here’s a humorous clip of how Obama may have prepared for the debate:

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