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We know him best by his pen name, Harun Yahya.


He’s also best known for his Atlas of Creation, which argues evolution doesn’t occur. He has 42-million-year old wolf fossils to prove it! And he has Siberian huskies pictured as wolves!

The oldest fossils of canids are only about 40 million years old, so he’s a bit off. Those first dogs were more or less like genet-fox-racoon looking things than anything like wolves.

His argument isn’t like Kent Hovind’s. Kent Hovind says the earth is 6,000 and non-avian dinosaurs still roam the earth. All life on earth descends from kinds that were on Noah’s Ark, so the Hovind type of creationist allows for some level of evolution. All dogs and wolves descend from a pair of dog kind that were on the Ark.

Adnan Oktar would says that no evolution ever happens. All life has remained the same for millions of years.

I can’t decide which of these two types of creationism is worse, but they both require ignoring tons of evidence.

Like his Christian counterpart, Oktar has been in prison for a few things. He is also prone to conspiracy theories involving Freemasons and Zionists.

But at least he knows that Islam allows you the right to live like Hugh Hefner.









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Well, I guess all that genetic evidence was wrong. Red wolves really are an ancient species after all!

And not only does it destroy all that genetic evidence that clearly shows the red wolf to be a coyote with some wolf ancestry, it also destroys evolution.

Never mind that any paleontologist will tell you that the earliest dog family fossils date to around 40 million years ago in what is now Saskatchewan.

And never mind that any paleontologist worth his or her salt will tell you that there were no modern Carnivorans (as in the order Carnivora) at this time. They were only miacids at this time.

Harun Yahya figured all of this out!

Those sophisticated deniers of Allah’s divine creation would tell you that this skull is probably a Mesonychid or a Creodont, which are actually not ancestral to anything living today. And Mesonychids are more closely related to whales and cows than they are to wolves. Related to whales and cows? What are they smoking? I can be buried ten feet above a hamster; it doesn’t prove we’re related.

What poppycock!

Any fool can see that’s a bona fide red wolf! It just happened to be found in China, 51 million years before  those infidels  in the West claimed the last wolves of East Texas and Louisiana mated with coyotes and formed the basis modern red wolf.

What liars!


For those of you who don’t know who Harun Yahya is. Here’s his photo:

His real name is Adnan Oktar, and he is Turkish Islamic creationist. Unlike Kent Hovind and Ken Ham, he is an Old Earth Creationist. That means he thinks the earth is as old as science says it is.

But evolution didn’t happen.

Fossils are his evidence.

He wrote this book called The Atlas of Creation in which he shows all of these purported ancient fossils of modern species. The above “red wolf” is just one of many dubious claims he’s made.

The best one is this living caddis fly, which Allah created with an interesting adaptation:

I’ve never seen a live caddis fly with one of those. If you look closely, you can see a hook.

I can’t figure out what the purpose of that hook is. Is it a strange ovipositor?

I just can’t see it.

However, if it were going to use that fly as a fishing lure, it would come in handy.



That is a fishing lure!

So if this guy is trying to promote lures of living flies, does that mean he’s dumber that trout?

And if he’s that dumb, how do we know that this “red wolf” is actually 51 million years old?

It may be.

But the whole thing is just so dubious and bizarre that one would worry about its validity right away.

Of course, not everyone is so skeptical.

If you want to see what his followers do with his work, just check out the youtube videos that are based upon The Atlas of Creation.  The production quality is just so campy.


Harun Yahya is somewhat scandal prone. He’s been in prison in Turkey a few times, and he got Richard Dawkins’s website banned in Turkey a few years ago– and then sued Richard Dawkins.

I can’t keep up with all of Harun Yahya’s scandals, but when he sued Richard Dawkins, he got taken down a peg:






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