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The Rush x Fontana puppies were released onto the lawn today. At 4.5 weeks, they are turning into classic little goldens.

Green collar (male) decided to stalk the white cheetah thing.

green stalking zoom

“Wanna play, white doggy?”

green staring at zoom

The always smug Mr. Slurpee:

slurpee smugg

Orange collar male and Slurpee:

orange collar and slurpee

Zoom and the puppies:

zoom and puppies

Gang of puppies:

gang of puppies

The grass is for peeing:

peeing on the grass


Yellow collar male (“Remi”):

yellow collar male in the grass

Remi getting a belly rub:

remi belly rub

remi belly rub 11

Red collar female (“Apple”) belly rub:

Apple belly rub

appe belly rub


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Light blue collar (male, AKA “Slurpee,” because he was born on 7/11!)  Darkest pup in the litter and currently the smallest, he has the working golden retriever traits of being quite bold and curious. His head has no blockiness at all.

light blue (Rush x Fontana)

Red collar (Female, AKA, “Apple”), darker-colored pup. She has working golden traits, but she is currently the largest puppy in the litter.

Red Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Yellow collar (male). Lighter gold in collar. He is the most people oriented of the litter thus far.

Yellow Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Green collar (male, “Mr. Green”). Darker-colored pup. This one has pretty strong working dog characteristics, darker color and less blocky head.

Green collar (Rush x Fontana)

Purple collar (male). Lighter-colored pup. His head shape strongly resembles his mother and her litter-mate, Chunk (Windridge Middle School Sweethearts).

Purple Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Uncle Chunk:


Orange collar (male, mid-golden in color). This pup has working dog characteristics as well but also has quite a bit of breed type.

Orange Collar (Rush x Fontana)

Blue collar (Female, “Crush,”) very small female puppy that is lighter in color. She has a cute little imp face that many of Fontana’s full siblings have.

Blue Collar (Rush x Fontana)






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