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This is a demonstration of a “conditioned retrieve,” which is also popularly known as force-breaking or force-fetching. I now prefer the term “conditioned retrieve.”

Part I


Part II


Just about everything Robert Milner is doing here is negative reinforcement.

What is negative reinforcement?

It is NOT punishment.

Punishment is anything we do to a dog that will cause a behavior to stop.

Reinforcement is anything we do to a dog that will encourage a behavior.

Punishment and reinforcement have positive and negative versions.

Positive reinforcement and positive punishment are when the trainer adds something. Positive reinforcement is giving a dog attention or food for doing a behavior. Positive punishment would be a leash pop or a nick from an e-collar when a dog does something we don’t like.

Now that makes sense.

Negative punishment is when we take something away. Let’s say we have a dog that likes a certain toy, but every time she has this toy, she decides to pluck try to tear it up. We can punish this behavior by taking away the toy every time she starts trying to tear it up.

Negative reinforcement is exactly what you’re seeing in these videos. To enforce the sit command, Milner holds the dog’s collar. This causes the dog discomfort. When the dog sits, the pressure on the collar is released. We’re taking something away to encourage the dog to do something. Negative means taking something away. Reinforcement means something that encourages a behavior.

The toe and ear pinches are also examples of negative reinforcement. The dog really isn’t being hurt here, but it is causing some discomfort. To get rid of the discomfort, the dog has to take something its mouth or release it to get rid of the discomfort.

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