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“Just sniffing the sardines you left out!”

These foxes have such fluid movement. Domestic dogs, in general, are such more clunky when they move when compared to the wild ones– especially a wild one that can climb trees.

They travel along this edge of the pastureland because rabbits frequent the access road.

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The new Moultrie 1100i managed to capture a gray fox or “colishay” as it came by to feed on sardines.

I’ve had no luck with this species and trail cameras. They are very easily startled by flashing red lights and clunking sounds that some of the other models provide.

gray fox

I kind of new I had these clips when I saw this in the access road just above where the camera was set.


There were quite a few tracks, and some even show the main diagnostic trait for a gray fox track:


You can clearly see the imprint of the long, hooked claws that gray foxes use to climb trees. Climbing trees is a good way to access bird nests, and it’s an even better way to escape coyotes.

Those of you who have seen my earlier attempts to get this species on a trail camera know that most of the videos were a split second image of a fox running away.

This new camera is going to be doing a lot of good.

Maybe I’ll get a sasquatch!

Well, even a coyote or another image of a bobcat would be nice.

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