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The Big Black Dog

Drake is a fit beast these days.


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Black beast


The NGA greyhound we’re going to use at stud for Erika has been here a couple of weeks, and judging from his temperament, he’s going to be a permanent resident.

Drake is an American racing lines greyhound, NGA stock. He stands at 30 inches at the shoulder and weighs something like 88 pounds. He is the largest dog in the house, and yes, we do have a male German shepherd.

big boy drake.jpg

He is an extremely social, extremely smart dog. In the house, he is laid-back. On the lead, he is sedate and calm.  He can be loose with an intact male whippet and GSD, and they are no fights.

Get him on a lure, though, and he becomes possessed. It took two people to pull him off a flirt pole. He was known for going ape in the box at the track, and he has also busted several muzzles.

So he’s a beast.

If all goes to plan, he will be bred to Erika the next time she comes in heat. He carries fawn, so the puppies will be fawn or black.

He is a noble creature. Even his wonky ears do not detract from his aristocratic bearing. He looks like a hound from a Medieval tapestry that is about to be slipped on a fallow buck.




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