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The aligning of the Cosmos with two entities of golden retrievers and hemangiosarcoma is one the crueler aspects of existence. She died at home yesterday–on her own terms.

That’s all I can write right now. I’m just letting you know. I know that if you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, she was a major feature here, and I know that she will be missed.

I certainly am. It’s very raw right now.


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Miley is 9 years old today and still hates to have her photo taken.


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Nearly a year after her TTA, Miley is back in action. She’s 8 years old, but she runs and looks like she’s five.

In past week, she’s dispatched a full grown rabbit and this chipmunk.

miley chipmunk

Golden retrievers never like to get dirty…


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A few nights ago, Miley had an altercation with a coyote in the yard. It is coyote mating season, and they have sort of lost their minds.

It looks a lot worse than it is.


“You shoulda seen the other guy!”



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About 22 inches, including the snow from the earlier part of the week.



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The mother of all snowstorms is hitting today.


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Miley turned 8 today, and she also received some good news at the vet today: Her TTA is officially a success and she can begin to do what she did before the surgery.



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The film is The Savage Wild, which is a pretty good little film about wolves and dogs in the Yukon.

She likes watching dogs and wolves on TV, but if I put on a film about lions, she leaves the room.




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Miley appeared on the trail camera. She is checking out some red fox urine, but she’s pretty much doing what a coyote would do.

Of course, you can tell from previous videos that she’s quite a bit larger than those coyotes!

You can also see that she’s moving pretty well. Her TTA looks to have been a success.

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