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The noble khaki king


This young drake is now the leader of the flock.

He was one of the initial five that were turned out on the pond. Now, only he and his sister remain.

He has a certain amount of wisdom and street smarts, and if the others follow his lead, they will do fine.

I can’t help but be impressed with his nobility and grace that just shines through that gorgeous plumage.

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A thinking dog


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Last of the fall foliage

This is from the weekend.




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The cooler weather means the local hairy-tailed moles have to dig deeper to keep up with the worms and grubs that comprise the bulk of their diet.

So they are forced to expand their summer “digs”– but what to do with all that excess dirt?

They have to push it out on the surface, which is why the autumn and early winter are the time of mole hills.

Now, these are forest moles who won’t be doing anything to anyone’s lawn, but over the next few months, there will be a lot of these little earthworks popping up.

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An eager beast


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The mottled crew


I have no idea what breed these are.

I don’t think they are Anconas, because Anconas are not flying ducks.

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Basically, a dachshund in reverse:  short back and long legs!  Not at all what people would actually want in a coursing hound.

afghan hound standard


Of course, the vast majority of Afghan hounds in the West aren’t even thought of as coursing dogs.

They were objects of conspicuous consumption, and no one seriously considered breeding them for anything other than something to look at.

Which is why the dogs look so bizarre.

It’s not a cruel breeding practice like the ones used to create pugs and bulldogs, but it’s one that utterly distorts what this type of dog has been for thousands of years.

The dog fancy is really not concerned with the real world or “preservation.” It’s concerned with what wins dog shows.

This is why the whole concept is faulty in its premise.



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Whatever it was. She’s after it!


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Three mottled ducks were turned out yesterday. The promptly flew away and were gone all day yesterday.

They were back this morning.







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