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It almost felt like we might actually have spring this year.



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Now for a crappy photo

It’s a deer!


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Dead mole

It looks like an owl killed this hairy-tailed mole:

dead mole

When I picked it up, you could see where the owl had tried to peck some of the meat out of its back, but I guess owls don’t much like mole meat.

It just pecked off a bit of meat and dropped it here.

Most things won’t eat these moles, so this one will likely rot and return to the soil in which it has spent its lifetime digging.

I had a dog that would dig these moles up at any opportunity.

She would kill them with gusto and then leave the carcasses to rot away.

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The females have beards.

petit brabancon and brussels griffon

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easter message

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Warm enough for a dip

We may get some snow Monday night, but it’s warm enough today to pretend it’s spring and go for a dip. (Not me, of course!)


And after the dip, roll and roll to get the nasty water off you!



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yukon sled dogs

Photo courtesy of Nara U.

Newfoundlands, arctic spitzes, and at least one St. Bernard.

I particularly like that Newfoundland in the front.

He’s obviously the leader.

He looks very sharp.

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coyotes tree cougars

This scene happened at Wyoming’s National Elk Refuge. Five coyotes sent these two cougar kittens up on a fence, and the entire ordeal lasted over an hour.

Check out the photos of the encounter here.

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This is a gull terr, a derivative of the English bull terrier crossed with local Pakistani dogs.

bush fighting dog

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“He was doing it for the meat.”


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