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Let Billy Ray Cyrus tell you why!


I’m posting this because a snake-handling pastor from Southern West Virginia died recently after handling a timber rattler.

As per his faith’s instruction, he did not seek medical attention.

And he died.

This is a good example of why certain religious dogmas are not necessarily good for people.


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Yep.  This study actually happened.

The genome-wide study just confirmed it.

But the red wolf supporters, who I am now calling “red wolfaboos,” will not listen, and will dig around in the scientific toilet to find some much older and much more limited to support their position.

Not all scientific studies are created equal.

Things that are true or false are one or the other.  One’s opinion means nothing.

I’m actually getting tired of writing things about the red wolf, but the inability of people to understand that the VonHoldt study is much better and much more comprehensive than all the others is making me somewhat infuriated.

These red wolfaboos are acting a lot like creationists.

They really are.

I’m not impressed. And I’m not amused.

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Shoot the red wolves

The only good red wolf is a dead one!

The most thorough genetic studies show that red wolves are a mythological creature, created out of the overactive imaginations of scientists who should know better.

Do they accept that this animal isn’t what it has been billed to be?

Hell, no.

Their refusal to understand that some genetic studies are better than others shows that they are not immune to wanting to believe crap, even when the evidence doesn’t support their position.

If scientists can’t accept the reality that this animal isn’t an ancient wolf species but is instead a recent hybrid between wolves and coyotes, there really isn’t much hope for saving any species.

So let’s waste more money on this coyote and let the Mexican wolf go extinct!




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Chat room


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Please check out the guidelines before commenting.

I hate to come up with rules like these, but this blog gets a lot of traffic.

Which is a good thing.

But one of the problems with having such a high traffic blog is that the comments are getting too off topic and too contentious.

It’s okay to debate things.

But I think we’re going to have to have some guidelines set up.

That way, we can have a more productive experience on this blog.

I’m sorry I had to set up these guidelines, but they have become necessary for the good of the blog.

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Of course, the coyotes don’t know if a cat is feral or owned.

All they know is cats are tasty and pretty easy to catch.

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Baby dodos

This pigeon hatched out two baby dodos!


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